We are all Pitbulls now

February 3, 2011

Several pitbulls, and a mix dog were adopted,but 6 more rescued puppies still uncertain; in need of homes near Atlanta Ga.

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Thanks everyone for re-posting about the Red-Nosed Pitt puppy. Jessica came through in spectacular fashion. Housing Baby-Boy, Diva, one of the “Blue” Pit puppies, and the “Red Nosed” Pit puppy. We do still however have six adorable Pitbull mix puppies available, with no rehousing fee, on a foster to adoption basis.

If you can help, please call, 678-467-6280

pitbull mix  puppies with no adfoption fee on a foster to adoption basis

Pitbull mix puppies need good homes

Rescued Pitbull Puppy up for Adoption

Rescued Pitbull Puppy

Rescued Pitbull Puppies

Rescued Pitbull Puppies

If you can help these dogs near Atlanta Ga, please call 678-467-6280. Please re-post also. Thank you so much for your help.


November 2, 2010

Practical insight offered…

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As a photographer of dogs, I am amazed and humbled as I learn more and discover how little I actually know about and understand these wonderful animals. There are many blogs about dogs. Most are cute, and fun, and informative. But they mostly focus on specific issues, or breeds, but lacking in basic fundamental information on caring for and enjoying your friend.
Playmore Publishing, Blog about dogs” is different. Offering practical, down to earth advice on dog care, safety and companionship.

Caring for a dog takes more than common sense. It takes knowledge and devotion. Please; If you are a dog owner, please take the time to regularly read and increase your pool of knowledge in regard to caring for your dog. Have fun, and treasure your friend like he treasures you.

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