We are all Pitbulls now

February 26, 2011

Dogs are easy to like…Wish I could say the same about people.

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About a month and a half ago a dog from down the street began getting loose and coming by to play with my dogs, and join us on walks and and playing in the woods. This went on for about five weeks. Such a friendly dog, I hated sending him home every night. Knowing he was an outdoor dog and would be lonely made it difficult. However this was not my dog, and he wasn’t abused physically, so that’s life.
About a week ago he stopped coming, and since the animal control had been in the area, I assumed his owner had repaired the fence, and he had just been unable to escape and come to play.

Today I was sad to learn I was only half right. His owner had managed to restrain him, but it was not by repairing the fence. He had the remains of a nylon rope that had been tied to his collar. Apparently this morning, or more likely last night, he managed to chew his way through and returned to see us.

He has been with us since about 7 this morning. It is getting late now, and soon I will have to set him out to fend for himself again. I am sure he will return home and be tied up again, and tomorrow I will get up and go on with my life. Maybe he will escape and return again.

My friend with a rope around his neck


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